Intelligence Driven Cyber Security

Security Alliance is a cyber intelligence company with a global delivery capability.

We bring together conventional intelligence methods and deep technical knowledge, helping our clients to understand their cyber threat landscape and make better security decisions.

Helping you face your cyber security challenges

At Security Alliance, we map our services onto what we see as the main cyber challenges that face businesses today. We provide services in close collaboration with clients, so that we can provide the most bespoke, effective and valuable service as possible.

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Enabled. Protected. Operational.

Close collaboration and flexibility

Our mission is to significantly reduce our clients cyber security risks, to help operations run smoothly, more predictably and ultimately, to achieve better performance. 

Our vision is to provide cyber security services that deliver continuous protection. This approach will provide clients with consistent, high-quality, integrated services, while maintaining a permanent cyber readiness in the face of the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

We will remain focused on integrating security testing, cyber threat intelligence, security monitoring and incdent response services. We will continue to build our network of Alliance members, and will evolve to face new challenges as they appear.


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Our Accreditations

  • Crest Star
  • Cyber Essentials Certification
  • G-Cloud Supplier